This Blog is about licenses involving images. All images that are uploaded to a wiki "should" have a license attributed to them. Recent events with wikia suggest we may want to deal with this. Wikia helper bots were introduced two month ago that auto delete images for copyright violations. The contributors are expected to be selecting the license for each image.

So the next issue is, what that means to you. What that means is everyone will be expected to use the Licensing pull down on the Multiple Image Uploader and when adding one image, click "More options" and then click Licensing. There are 8 different license tags, tho only one really should be used all that much. Fair use is the one to use. Pick it and you should be good to go.

Commonly chosen "Self" is not used, except for when the media is made by yourself as in you made a character and draw it on a image program that is not based on anything.

Anyways, expect a lot of edits from me in the next week adding tags to old images.

This will be a mandatory thing that everyone must address when uploading images for now on. Wikia is not the only service to be getting heavy on these sort of things, as both Facebook and google are pushing this to a degree. Recent laws that keep getting closer to being passed, allow companies to question to a easier degree, the open user content services like wikia have on they servers. This is the times we're in, and I fear all the websites fan based open communities will ultimately be attacked by lawyers sue happy.

To look at the list of licenses, click here.

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