Before writing the angry messenges, hear me out.

Ghostbusters wiki has been pretty much maintaining the default Wikia look since it started back in 2008. That being said, the Front page is "boring" and doesn't grab anyone. While I like how readable it is, it is more like reading at a library. Now I'm not suggesting giving Peter shades on the front or anything (I could tho!) but I have been doing some surfing around other wikis and ghostbusters sites. We are one of the dullest places to go. lol

So I'm going to ask to seek permission to redesign the front page. I am looking at Glee Wiki for ideas.

One of the ideas is for a third column that includes recent blogs. I want blogs to be more easy to find and read. On that same column the wiki activity feed would also be added.

The majority of the front would still be in the first two columns. The top, I want to do profile pics of the ghostbusters. I think we'd do something like three rows of like 8. Note the images would be much smaller than glee wiki.

I also want to add a new feel to the bottom of the front to, maybe a small image story like thing. Like a image of Slimer on the right side, and a scared shitless peter to the left. Something funny.

Thoughts anyone? Anyone like me anymore?!

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