A Little Slimer goes a long way!

I don't think I could be anymore excited today if I wanted too. The first part of this Blog will detail the release of ebook Making Ghostbusters, and the second part will really recap the "New Ghostbusters" Tease images by IDW.

I almost feel like I'm singing to the choir here, but today the book Making Ghostbusters was released on Spook Central. It started back in September when Mrmichaelt cut the binding on his book and started scanning the pages. He had got in touch with Paul Rudoff of Spook Central, which was looking forward to the book being added to the Ghostbusters PDF eBook Preservation Project. The book scans were handed off to me (Devilmanozzy) to clean. The project towards the end of October was looking to be released as a treat on Halloween on Spook Central. Then Sandy came. Paul was flooded out by the Hurricane. He lost everything including his computer. Worse he was not contactable because of the same issues. Fast forward, and after many hiccups, the book is released as is (a bit too large, but we're fix that with updates later).


Oh how you tease us IDW! Love it!

Today, "New Ghostbusters" a spin-off arc of IDW's Ghostbusters ongoing comic series. I can say that right off the head, very cool choices with the uniform colors including using the uniform fitting of Janines from What in Samhain Just Happened?! holiday one shot. For those following the comics closer, you will know the guy on the top left (Ron Alexander), and the gal on the bottom right (Agent Ortiz). Having Kylie Griffin here is perfect, they even for added interest used the pke meter from Extreme Ghostbusters in the image. Janine returning to uniform is a also a natural choice. I am looking forward to this!


Janine from "What in Samhain Just Happened?!".

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