It has been a very busy month for me, both working on Ghostbuster projects and other art things. I still have a project that is holding me over some, but to those that know about it, the count left is 15 til done. I am just taking my time since it is unknown when the project will be released.

Starting tonight I will be doing collages for Real Ghostbusters episodes. I wont promise a thing, but I'll give them a shot.

I want to thank Mrmichaelt‎ for holding down the fort the last month. I wish I had been more in the game last month, but all these outside projects and life got in the way. I was stretched beyond my means.


Spirit Guide Wiki which I had start over a year ago, but never got off the ground. I confess, I need help with the wiki. I need help working on a structure to work with, in regards to classes, definitions, and the aim of the wiki. I thought I could start it on my own... but I admit I can't. I am aware that the skin/background on the wiki is not great, and that will be changed, but I need help getting this thing going.


Also, I want to ask for prayers and support to Paul Rudoff of Spook Central Fan Site. His house was most likely flooded and Paul is in a shelter as Sally hit the New York area. It is unknown how his house is doing, but he shared on the 29th a picture of the water flooding the streets, coming up his steps at his house.


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