This is my first official "End of the Year Stat Round up" and much is shown about "us" in these stats. I wont lie, when saying these stats are not perfect and I detect a few imperfections, but the general idea is there.


The chart is for the last 2 and a half years

This first stat shows off how many hits the wiki has had in 2 and a half years time. As anyone can see, the release date of Ghostbusters: The Video Game really made a impact in june/july 2009. But during the summer every year the hits go up as seen in july 2010.


Who are we as a group.... Well read this!

These stats are to show who all looks at and edits here at Ghostbusters Wiki.


This table shows off the wikis total article count per month.


This last table shows who did what on this wiki.

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