On March 10th 2008, TrumpetManLA (Luke Arredondo) and his brother Adam Arredondo started to build Ghostbusters Wiki. So here we are in 2018 with a article count of 5,593 articles. A lot has happened over the years, and lots of edits! So for the tenth anniversary the wiki has interviewed TrumpetManLA the first active administrator. The interview with him can be read here.

The wiki has also updated the History article about the wiki, and now it includes screen caps of the front pages for each year. Also, we now have a upload of the Ghost Corps' Official Franchise Certificate that was sent to us. We're really proud of it.

The wiki had set out in the beginning because there wasn't really a place that was a encyclopedia covering all things Ghostbusters. The wiki is the first place to seriously cover all episodes of The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, and even the Slimer! shorts. Covering everything from the characters to the equipment to the locations, it's all covered here. Currently, we're working on doing the same for Ghostbusters (2016 Movie). The wiki also covers the IDW comic series pretty much on the dot four months after each comic is released (to not spoil the comics for readers or sales). One of the things this wiki is striving to do is avoid speculation; a struggle that has us at the wiki second guessing ourselves and rewriting things as more comes to light. This wiki is taking the hard road in many respects as it is easy to just accept information without question, but to actually check over information and add references takes much more time. But the end results are worth it. We do this to have a good source online to look up Ghostbusters related information for anyone. This is what drives this wiki.

Anyways, we're looking forward to going another ten years. Thanks to all the friends, viewers, and folks that provided images and information over the years.