This is not fun! I've had fun! This isn't it! AAAAAAAHHH!!!!

I am debating when the time will be right to turn on the feature. It will replace the "User" talk pages and the old user talk pages will be locked, but viewable.

Feelings on this feature are mixed at best. Let me break it down:


  • Now you can follow one conversation at a time.
  • No more copy and pasting conversations onto the other users wall.
  • It becomes easier to read the wall than the talk pages.


  • (Unless this was changed) when it is first turned on, you will be signed up to every wall you liked as a talk page. That will make you have to unwatch every message wall.
  • The reminders keep coming unlike the talk page.
  • While it can use wiki markup, it is messy unlike the Talk pages.

Continuing on...


Do they have ghosts in Pittsburgh?

I have not liked the feature as a whole and think wikia could spend its time doing other things like starting a pm system and maybe a forum option (made of bbcode). This was not what I was looking for. It isn't "bad" but I rather see something more useful added. But my rants are really coming from the fact I hate fixing what isn't broke. I'm old school all, give me a break.

Anyways, even through it is optional now, it is likely to be forced at a later date. So our choices are to plan a date to convert over, or be forced to convert over later on. I rather plan it than to be forced.

I am more concerned about older visitors getting flooded with reminders and emails. I have basics down on how to make the transfer easy on people. I have played with it, and I will likely write a blog on what to do right before I turn it on.

But I want to hear what everyone thinks.


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