Wow, that scroll bar is badly placed and yes that is the bottom of the screen.


Offhand I don't like how it works. It's "Preview" is a joke, and its hard on the eyes. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but a step in the wrong direction. I went ahead and turned it on over at SilverHawk Wiki, so if you want to see it, edit a article there and your see what I mean. I guess as far as I'm concerned, I'll be opening more tabs to edit and I'll be saving more often to see the end results. But overcome we will. But yes it will sooner or later be forced onto this wiki

Written in comments by Wikia Helper Sarah Manley on June 30th in reply to Jirachiwish comment the same day: "Currently you can test it via Wikia labs, but it will eventually be mandatory sitewide. You can of course change your personal choice in your preferences if you would rather use monobook (but the current rte skin will not be an option there) "

I ain't going to raise a big stink about it over there however. But when the switch over editors, don't be surprised.

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