The Dawn of Another Year.

Oh, the yearly recap ... Fun Fun! This is the third year I've done one of these noting the following:

So what all happened this year...

  • Well the Real Ghostbusters section has been redone along with the Slimer!. This was a big undertaking mostly lead and done by Mrmichaelt. Currently about 3/4s of the Extreme Ghostbusters episodes have been expanded on as well.
  • Collages have been done to 111 episodes of the 140 RGB episodes. All 33 Slimer! episodes also have been done.
  • The IDW section has been maintained to a T by Mrmichaelt.
  • Both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II have screen caps for all chapters (finished sometime early in the year).
  • Ghostbusters Wiki Facebook hit 400 likes tonight.

Oh and numbers....

These numbers come from Wikia Stats

Pretty much the numbers are as follows:

  • We went from 2,425 to 3,645 articles which is a difference of 1,220 articles.
  • Comparing previous years totals... 772 (2009), 824 (2010), 598 (2011), 1,220 (2012)
  • The Wiki has almost doubled its image count which was at 7,359 which is now 14,301 a difference of 6,942 articles.

These numbers come from Special page:Most visited pages

Now a new focus this year is our wikiFactor(wF) number. First, let me explain the number... The wikiFactor number is figured by simply the following, go to the Special page:Most visited pages and go down the list and compare the rank to the visit count (number to the right in round brackets). The rank number compared to rank number X 1000 page views or more is the gauge. The first rank number that is below the 1000 if the the formula is followed stops the count. If you still can't follow me, look at WikiIndex wiki:wikiFactor. Anyways along with that, let me note other things about these page view ranks:

  • Our wikiFactor number is currently wF=21. Note rank article 21 Winged Puma‏.
  • Somewhere around 40-50% are film related.
  • 5 articles are related to classes. Didn't see that coming.
  • 16 articles are equipment related (including cars). That is a oddly low number.
  • 30 are related to the animated canon.

Anyways, what do you think of the numbers? Any plans for next year at this wiki?

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