For the topic of my first blog here, I'll say my primary interest right now is Tobin's Spirit Guide. So much, I've been compiling info and putting them in a spreadsheet document.

"John Horace Tobin spent 20 years risking life, limb and sanity to gather true accounts of human encounters with the paranormal. His travels covered the world, and his lively, informal style earned him fame and recognition wherever he journeyed. An invaluable reference aid, Tobin's Spirit Guide details sites, sightings and situations on nearly every continent."

I took the Ghostbusters International Reference Book to heart and was inspired to create my own version. Thanks to the recent DVD series set of The Real Ghostbusters, I was recently able to complete a Microsoft Excel 2003 xls file that details all of the Spooks, Spirits and Specters encountered and referenced from Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, The Real Ghosbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, and Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

There are five tabs in this file. The first is a title page which is my homage to the Role-Playing Game version of Tobin's Spirit Guide. The second tab is a key to explain the columns in the third tab. The third tab is the main page that lists all the spooks the team has encountered over the years. The fourth tab is dedicated to diction or the lingo attributed to the world of the Ghostbusters. The fifth tab is a list of books, magazines, and what not that have been used or referenced by the team. I took the perspective of the authors and created a short backstory that led to the creation of this file.

"The much anticipated revised edition of the 20th century guide to the paranormal. Revised and Updated by occult science extraordinaire and grandson, Dr. John Tobin III, and paranormal expert and Ghostbuster, Dr. Egon Spengler, with the permission of Guzman, Scott and Bonterre and in cooperation with the John Tobin Trust Foundation and the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research, we bring to you, J. H. Tobin's Spirit Guide Revised Edition July 1999."

Last Updated: October 4, 2010

155 KB added. I'm currently rewatching The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection and updating entries but while playing The Video Game, I realized something and decided to add three more tabs to the Guide. The first deals with Ectoplasm, Effects, and Events; essentially a lot of Egon-speak. The second deals with Human Archetypes, various humans that have important connections to the world of the supernatural. The third deals with Cursed Artifacts that lead to various effects or can even summon dangerous entities. So far I'm only on Disc Two of the Complete Collection so stay tuned for more monthly updates.

Where to Download From my Website

Hope you enjoy it and it'll keep on growing

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