I didn't know what to write for my first blog post, so I thought I'd post a sneak preview of the "Ghostbusters 'n' Wrestling Connection" article I'm writing for Spook Central. The article will be posted when the next update to is made, which should be on Friday September 28th. That's assuming the article I wrote for Wrestlecrap is posted in that update, as I wrote this one to tie into that one. I have a link to Spook Central in the Wrestlecrap article I wrote, and assuming that it's left in, I figure people from that site might come to mine, and it would be nice if I "greeted" them with something wrestling-related.

Here's an excerpt from the article (minus the spiffy formatting)...

In the 1950s, Norbert Grupe (aka Wilhelm von Homburg) and his father Richard Grupe emigrated to the U.S. where they launched a career as professional wrestlers. Billing themselves as "The Vikings", father and son did the circuit in barbarian costumes and cow-horn helmets. The young man learned to project a bad-guy persona as part of wrestling drama. In 1962, Norbert traded his wrestler's leotard for the satin trunks of boxing. Below is a photo of Robert and Norbert Grupe - sadly, not in their Vikings costumes - provided by Robert's daughter, Rona Grupe Weber.

[UPDATE - 9/28/2012]
The "Ghostbusters 'n' Wrestling Connection" article is live on Spook Central.

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