Alright, my first blog post. I decided that I should make this list because, well, I wanted to do it for a while. The Ghostbusters franchise made up alot of supernatural spooks and stuff (is there a real account of a Slimer anywhere?), but they also used things from actual myths, folklore, and whatnot. We saw Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, vampires, werewolves, etc. (Hell, even Satan!) There are some, however, I always wanted to see in Ghostbusters. These are my top 5 spooks I want to see.

No. 5: The Kelpie

A water horse from Celtic folklore sounds cool in my opinion. It lures the people into the water and then drowns them. (Eats them too!) Yikes, sounds scary, after all it seemed so nice letting you ride its back to cross the river. I want the Ghostbusters to bust it, all right.

No. 4: Cerberus

I know, the franchise has ghostly dogs already (The terror dogs, Bog Hound, and whatnot) This one, I think, would be quite a good one. The three headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld. That sounds like a plan!

No. 3: Phantom UFO

I know what you're thinking, "Phantom UFO? WTF?" Well, I heared of this one in a ghost drawing book. (Really) It was how to make a vehicle look ghostly. The GB had ghost cars (like in the toyline), ghost trains (in GBII), ghost ships (like Captain Jack Higgins ship), so why not a ghost unidentified flying saucer? Aliens exist in the franchise (Podsnap for example), so why not?

No. 2: Succubus/Incubus

Heres a story I got for this one. A succubus in disguise tries to seduce one of the Ghostbusters, (either Ray or Peter) but instead of stealing his soul she falls in love with him. This gets her ex-boyfriend (an incubus) jealous, and then hi-jinx ensue.

No. 1: The Mothman

Ah, the Mothman. One of the few things that can be considered in the line of cryptozoology AND the paranormal. I always wondered what would happen if the Ghostbusters met the Mothman. Would that mean a disaster is coming? Could it have been the coming of Gozer, or Vigo?

Now I got my picks, I want to see yours. Post in the comments and tell everyone what "thing" you'd want.

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