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Marduk and Tiamat

Hi Mrmichaelt ...Thanks for resizing the photo for me on the Marduk entry page. I wanted to know if I could post a photo of an illustration from other media depicting Marduk Versus Tiamat on there as well? I conducted an interview with Richard Meuller, member of the Writer's Guild of America, writer of this episode "I Am The City" featuring Marduk, as well as the TOR book novelization of the 1984 Columbia Pictures motion picture "Ghostbusters" aka "Ghost Busters" he informed me one of the inspirations for the design of the characters came from an illustration from a Dungeons & Dragons manual: Deities & Demigods. I have a copy of the drawing (which should be at the correct size.Would this be permissable Frapsap (talk) 10:08, January 10, 2017 (UTC)Frapsap

Marduk V.S. Tiamat

Marduk from Dungeons & Dragons manual Deities & Demigods

For that type of image, probably a "Non Canon" section. I'll create one for you this time. Is this interview you talked about online anywhere? Mrmichaelt (talk) 11:59, January 10, 2017 (UTC)
No, the interview with Richard Meuller hasn't been published online anywhere. it was conducted at length via telephone a number of years ago and portions were recorded on audio cassette tape. And thanks for creating the "Non-Cannon" section for "I Am The City" inspirations. Frapsap (talk) 12:34, January 10, 2017 (UTC)
That's a pity. Sounds like something that might a fun read. Mrmichaelt (talk) 02:59, January 11, 2017 (UTC)
[[1]], [[2]], Sources for trivia section described by me for Marduk: Marduk being voiced by the late Mr.Stanley Ralph Ross (7/22/1935 - 3/16/2000), the multi-talented ABC studio executive. please repost original entry. Thanks.
No, we don't accept imdb as a source here. Sorry. Mrmichaelt (talk) 04:10, January 16, 2017 (UTC)

The fact that you don't accept imdb as a source for voice actors on The Real Ghostbusters program is very interesting and perplexing to me. let me ask you a few questions here. First of all, do you doubt that Stanley Ralph Ross voiced the character in this episode? Secondly, Do you believe Mr. Ross's imdb page (one place where this information is provided, certainly not the only one) is somehow falesified or dubious information? What sources do you accept, so I'll be better able to sight my source information on all my future entries. I'm trying to act as an asset to this wiki by making contributions so that it stands as a more comprehensive database. Frapsap (talk) 05:04, January 16, 2017 (UTC)frapsap

IMDb is a website that accepts User-generated content and therefore is not able to be cited as the author(s) are unknown. Pretty much, it is here-say based on editors wishes. It lacks the ability to be clarified on. Some folks try to game the system and spread false information by changing information on multiple user-generated websites. The best places for information such as credits of voice talent is the dvd boxset's booklet, and voice actors official websites. Truth be told, we side with something not being included because of lack of proper reference rather than possibly adding incorrect/unproven information. If the voice actor wants to be accredited for a performance there are many avenues such as posting about it on their official/verified Twitter or facebook account.  Devilmanozzy (Talk Page)  07:51, January 16, 2017 (UTC)
Richard Mueller likely would answer such questions again if asked as he has always been one of the nicer writers of the series. Voice acting credits also were a issue along with airing dates of the episodes. The box set's booklet lacked in both cause of no proper proof of these things. Many times the voice acting talent doesn't remember doing a episode or in this case likely didn't take such a credit as important. Sadly Stanley died in 2000, which was before the modern digital age really took off with social media sites like Twitter/Facebook. Stanley Ralph Ross does officially have one credit for season 5. However, as anyone will tell you about DIC credits in the 80's, they did accredit him as "Additional Cast", which in many cases is as good as we can do. There is no proof of a episode in season 2 having his voice (they didn't list them for that season).  Devilmanozzy (Talk Page)  16:53, January 16, 2017 (UTC)
Just wonderg who would asign a voice credit to Stanley Ralph Ross like "I Am The City" unless he was the voice actor who played that part? Now why would someone "want" it to be him? That makes little sense and is beyond me. I always thought the person or their representives were the only ones who could alter or update an imdb entry but thank you for letting me know it was user generated content. Well, your suggestion about asking Richard Mueller to verify wether or not the late Mr. Ross actually was the voice of Marduk or not... is a excellent idea, he's probably in the know! I really think you should call him and talk to him about that. I'm not going to call him about it because you'd say I was just claiming I did and there is no real valid proof of it. Am I correct? What are your personal thoughts on this? Do you think Stanley Ralph Ross didn't do the voice? Let me see what else can I do to prove this to you. I know this wiki can't officially take youtube videos as sorce material or proof due to copyright issues, but what about if you watch this clip, and listen to it with your own ear (or professional voice analysis software) and compare it to Marduk's voice in the episode? Just to satisfy your own curiosity and squelch your suspicion and disbelief, if you truly don't believe it, that is, which I don't know why you wouldn't because it's a gospel truth. Anyway check out this clip from The Will Shriner Show where he interviews Stanley Ralph Ross: [3]
I also, caught a mistake you have under the References section on the Marduk page. It's number 6. Egon's quote from the episode Should say, "line recorders" rather than "line reports." Frapsap (talk) 16:00, January 17, 2017 (UTC)Frapsap
Fixed.  Devilmanozzy (Talk Page)  19:01, January 17, 2017 (UTC)
For goodness sake, please use colons like we are! Copy the # of colons from the previous response then add one more then type your response. Mrmichaelt (talk) 01:54, January 18, 2017 (UTC)


Hi, Mrmichaelt/Archive 8! I'm TheDisneyFan2001 and I'm semi-new here to the Ghostbusters Wiki! I hope to edit here lots but it already seems like you got the Wiki under control! I can edit some stub pages if you can link me to them! Thanks and I hope that I see you around! :)

Hmm, I'm not too sure where our list of stub articles are, but I think User:Devilmanozzy should, he's the other admin. Mrmichaelt (talk) 04:58, January 19, 2017 (UTC)


Hi, I have request. Do you know this actor? http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/stargate/images/3/30/Rand_Protectorate_Guard_3.png/revision/20161016092758

--Matthew Bowyer Fan (talk) 12:42, January 26, 2017 (UTC)

Nope, not at all. Sorry. Mrmichaelt (talk) 05:49, January 27, 2017 (UTC)

Ok, thanks. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (talk) 12:39, January 27, 2017 (UTC)


Your edit of the Hob Anagarak trivia was removed. They couldn't have possibly used audio from a 1989 movie for an episode that first aired in 1987. Mrmichaelt (talk) 10:25, October 23, 2017 (UTC)

Must mean that sound effect must have been from a second movie, because i was watching that episode yesterday. If you go to Netflix and skip to the episode's end, you'll hear it. Blockade3 (talk) 12:59, October 23, 2017 (UTC)
Regardless, the rules at this wiki require a trusted source confirming types of trivia like your claim such as someone from the crew doing an interview. Unfortunately, what one thinks they hear is not enough. We also do not advocate the mention of illegal websites like Watch Cartoons. Mrmichaelt (talk) 00:03, October 24, 2017 (UTC)
Ok then. Aside from that, the website was only an example; i was watching it on Netflix. 06:41, October 24, 2017 (UTC)Blockade3 (talk)
We can not link to sites like Watch Cartoons as Mrmichaelt has stated. Usually, youtube will have uploads of audio clips. I searched "Biollante" and found many of those. None of the ones I watched demonstrated any sound close to any of Hob Anagarak, though it is clear that the same methods were used to create whatever sounds both make. We don't know a great deal about Godzilla and its endless films over the years. The burden of proof is on the submitter, not admins or other users/editors at the wiki. We are not imdb or wikipedia, and we have our own standard we go by here. Please take into account that two admins have now replied with the same issue with the submission of trivia you have provided. We're trying on our end, but it is ultimately up to you to prove your submission is valid.  Devilmanozzy (Talk Page)  09:12, October 24, 2017 (UTC)
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