Vampires[2] are Revenants, the undead,[3] and are solid manifestations.



Vampires are one of the few supernatural beings who, apart from fangs, look mostly human in appearance. Much like other supernatural beings, they can exist for centuries but are dependent on a regular supply of blood to stop the aging process. They can transform into bats and convert humans into new vampires by biting them. They are also allergic to sunlight,[4] garlic, and holy items.[5] Vampires may need an invitation to enter a home.[6]

The Real Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters' first encounter with Vampires involved a vampire civil war in the isolated town of Lupusville. Count Vostok, believed he was the last vampire, and later hired the Ghostbusters to deal with a supernatural problem plaguing him.

While investigating Barrow Wights, Ray Stantz stated Vampires need permission to enter a house.

Count Von Blukenporken was a Vampire in ghost form. He attempted to re-corporealize himself by feeding on the Ectoplasm of ghosts.

Extreme Ghostbusters

In 1997, the Extreme Ghostbusters encountered a nest of laughter Vampires that took on the forms of clowns in order to encourage their victims to laugh before swallowing them. Eduardo Rivera was briefly converted into one of their kind. They traced the nest to Coney Island, and with Egon Spengler's help, the "queen" of the nest was trapped and all the creatures' victims were restored to normal.


Vampires have the ability to transform into bats. Vostok has shown the ability to project energy from his eyes. A Vampire's reflection does not appear in mirrors. They also seem to have a natural aversion to gold and silver. While Gregor presented gold coins and assorted trinkets, Vostok removed all gold and silver from his castle.

The primary weakness of the Vampire is sunlight. Proton Streams simulating the spectrum of sunlight can disintegrate a Vampire.[7] They also can't cross over running water.[8]

Vampires put out psychokinetic energy like a ghost and can be detected on the P.K.E. Meter.[9]


Egon referred to Vampires as Revenants, a term for undead entities.



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