Vathek Creations are human beings changed by Crainiac, Corpuscle, and Gristle into perversions reminiscent of themselves.


The Vathek first took a diner server named Jimmy. They used a set of bizarre instruments and "operated" on Jimmy beneath Kline's Mansion. Jimmy was warped into a loyal servant who then aided them in kidnapping everyone at the Tuck's Inn Bed and Breakfast. The Vathek continued to create more and vowed to change the entire human race. However, once they were sent back to their dimension, the creations all instantly returned to normal.


  • Vathek are similar in nature to the "Cenobites" from the Hellraiser series. Both types of monsters start out as human beings and end up getting changed into grotesque disfigured monsters that serve the being who transformed them.


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