The Vegas Ghost is a ghost that haunted The Olive in Las Vegas.


During renovation at The Olive, a ghost manifested and began to cause trouble. Management was able to keep the ghost a secret for almost a year. The ghost would routinely bother patrons such as VIP guests. During the summer next year, the management called the Ghostbusters and offered them a free trip for one if they would come and take care of the ghost with discretion. Winston Zeddemore answered the phone and jumped on the opportunity. Winston confided in Ray Stantz. Ray felt it would be an easy bust. [1] [2] A few days later, he and Tiyah Clarke arrived at the hotel. The ghost was traced to the basement. It encountered Winston after levitating his flashlight then bolted from the area.

The ghost flew up to the second floor and entered the kitchen. It combined all the meat into a Meat Golem and possessed it. Winston ignored the request for discretion and opened fire. After fixing a loose wire, he blew up the golem and trapped the ghost. Winston confronted the Olive Manager and got him to admit he lied about the ghost being benign. When faced with a lawsuit over breach of contract through withholding information on a work hazard. The manager caved in and retracted his threat to sue for all the damage caused.


The Vegas Ghost displayed abilities inherent in a Roaming Animator such as Pappy Sargassi, taking refuge in a mass of meats and animating the Meat Golem.



IDW Comics


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