Venice is the capital of northern Italy's Veneto region.


The week after Walter Peck made a deal with Erland Vinter, the Ghostbusters were dispatched to Italy to clear out Poveglia of its supernatural residents. They spent a few hours of downtime in Venice instead of Lido. Peter Venkman didn't want to pass up on seeing one of the most beautiful cities of the world... on someone else's dime. Ray Stantz tried to take scans with a Giga meter in order to establish a baseline in psychokinetic activity ahead of their visit to Poveglia. However, there were so many benign ghosts in Venice that he buried the needle instead. They would be flying to Poveglia blind. Peter decided to spend the rest of his time shopping. While looking at masks, Peter was thrown outside into the river by a Venetian Shop Ghost after it told him, "Devi Andare" or "You must go." A porter on a gondola pulled Peter aboard and took him back to land. Winston Zeddemore, Peter, and Ray departed their hotel on a water taxi and was taken to a heliport where they were flown to Poveglia.

After Peter, Ray, and Winston finished their case on Poveglia, they returned to their hotel room in Venice's historic district and had a conference call with Egon. They discussed their discovery of the Poveglian Artifact and P.K.E. readings taken that matched readings taken at the United Nations Building and one of Egon's college year cold cases.



IDW Comics


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