"It'll be nice to have a ghost around that doesn't drip.

- Peter Venkman, comparing Victor and Slimer; Victor the Happy Ghost

Victor was a ghost that the Ghostbusters encountered at a museum bust.


The Ghostbusters and Slimer were on another routine bust, hired by a museum to capture a ghost for $5000.[2] Due to Victor's innocent appearance, Ray hesitantly trapped him. After returning back to the Firehouse, the trap that held Victor was opened prematurely, letting him out and about into the fire hall. He was given the name "Victor" due to the fact that he reminded Janine of her little nephew,[3] and she pleaded the Ghostbusters to let him stay outside the Containment Unit. Egon agreed it would be useful to have another ghost to study and Ray admitting that the Containment Grid was practically full.

Victor began to play pranks and sabotage equipment, and left Slimer to take the blame. Slimer eventually caught wind of his trouble making habits, but was too late to warn anybody. Victor showed his true form, captured Slimer, and contained him in a spare trap located in one of the lockers. Fortunately, Slimer managed to escape and convinced Janine that Victor was more than he seemed. While the Ghostbusters were driving home from a false emergency in Tribecca, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, Victor fled Ecto-1. He vandalized Ecto-1, destroyed the Proton Packs, and stalked the Ghostbusters. Both Janine and Slimer piloted Ecto-2 to rescue the Ghostbusters and help them trap Victor. To show Slimer they were sorry, the Ghostbusters finally put Victor into the Containment Unit and fed and fanned Slimer until he felt convinced they really were sorry for blaming him for Victor's mischief.


Victor was somewhat bipolar when it came to his personality. He was a happy, cute, bubbly spirit when in the presence of the Ghostbusters, but was a mischievous, evil trouble maker when their backs were turned. Slimer was unfortunately blamed because of Victor's sabotage due to the fact that he was simply there at the wrong time.


Victor was a shape changer,[4] commonly taking on his cute form to throw enemies off guard. While in this form, he was able to float around freely, but had no other strengths or powers. Once he changed, however, he lost the ability to fly, but gained a tremendous amount of strength. He showed off his new form by ripping the back door off Ecto-1 and destroying the Proton Packs.



The Real Ghostbusters


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