The Violinist [1] (also called The Stiff by Peter) is a violinist who plays in the orchestra with Dana Barrett. He happens to be one of the finest musicians in the world, according to Dana, and doesn't like guest conductors.


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After a rehearsal at the Lincoln Center, the Violinist and Dana discussed their reservations about the guest conductor as they walked by the fountains outside. Dana saw Peter and asked the Violinist to wait. He agreed and sat down by the center fountain. Once the discussion was over, he asked who Peter was.

As the Violinist and Dana walked away, Peter jokingly shouted after them that he was sorry he didn't get to meet the Violinist, and that was glad he was feeling better in spite of looking pale (the Violinist appeared to have a cold, as he was using a nasal inhaler as he talked with Dana). He turned to Dana and asked who Peter was and she only replied he was a scientist.

Secondary CanonEdit

The Violinist was seen walking past Delgado's Gym just as Egon Spengler exited the establishment. During the end of the summer, he attended the charity performance of "Don Giovanni" at the Lincoln Center.


He is often referred as The Stiff due to Dr. Venkman calling him that to Dana. While he does give off an air of stuffy pretentiousness, his part was so brief no personality traits could really be observed. Dana does seem to respect him, at least as a professional musician.



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  2. Mueller, Richard (August 1985). Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, p. 125. Tor Books, New York NY USA, ISBN 0812585984. Paragraph reads: "Dana Barrett had that pleasantly weary lightness that comes with having put in a good rehearsal, and was only half-listening as Andre Wallance walked her out to the plaza. Wallance, a world-renowned violinist, was doing a series of guest performances with the orchestra and had taken an interest in her career, though Dana suspected that his interest was not entirely musical."



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