The Vocal Pattern Emulators are headsets reconfigured to inversely emulate the vocal patterns of Siren and protect humans from her hypnotic voice.[1]


In preparation of capturing Siren, the sister of Banshee, Egon Spengler prepared headsets for the Extreme Ghostbusters that would protect them from becoming enthralled with her voice. However, in the battle against Siren and Banshee, they lost the headsets after being screamed at by Banshee.



Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Egon Spengler (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- Sonic Youth (1997) (DVD ts. 11:17-11:23). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Egon says: "I've reconfigured these to inversely emulate Siren's vocal patterns. That should protect you from the hypnotic effects."


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