Von Blukenporken Castle is the former home of Count Von Blukenporken maintained by Frau Shveinkiller and Boris.


Von Blukenporken Castle is a dark and foreboding stronghold ripe with secret passages and rooms. Count Von Blukenporken lay in rest below the castle in a hidden catacomb. When the Ghostbusters were brought to Blukenporken to investigate the disappearance of the Blukenporken Ghosts, they stayed at Von Blukenporken Castle, home to the culprits behind the disappearances! During the first encounter between Slimer and the Count, the Ghostbusters ran afoul of many deadly booby traps. Their investigation took them through the east wing greenhouse, down below in the catacombs, and a pallet ride up to the roof top.[1] Eventually, they destroyed the Count and used the castle grounds as a staging area to restore all the victimized ghosts to normal.

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