WKRR-TV Studio [1] is a television station in New York that broadcasts on channel 10.


At some point between 1984 and 1989, "World of the Psychic with Dr. Peter Venkman" began production and filming at a talk show set in WKRR. In late 1989, after an episode wrapped up, Peter and Norman were talking backstage when Mayor Lenny passed through with his aides and police escorts. Peter attempted to approach Lenny but was stopped by Jack Hardemeyer.


  • In the August 5, 1988 draft, page 6, the World of the Psychic is filmed at the Manhattan Cable Building. [2]
  • In the 2/27/89 draft, Mayor Lenny was coming off an interview on a show called "Cityline"
  • At 10:51 mark, when Peter walks into the WKRR backstage, there are lobby cards for "Nakia," "Top Cat," and "The World of the Psychic."
  • In Ghostbusters II (Chapter 12): Two in the Box, when Peter, Ray, and Egon emerged and declare they're back, the female reporter holds up her microphone to them. The microphone logo indicates she is from WKRR.


Primary Canon

Ghostbusters II

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics


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