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WKRR-TV Studio [1] is a television station in New York that broadcasts on channel 10.


Primary Canon History

At some point between late 1984 and 1989, "The World of the Psychic with Dr. Peter Venkman" began production and filmed at a talk show set in WKRR. In late 1989, the latest episode was filmed. Peter chatted with his two guests and claimed a father encouraged his children to wash their hair with something of their own. The theme song played on cue, the lights came on and recording started. Peter sat between his two guests. He introduced himself then his first guest, author, lecturer and psychic Milton Angland. Peter immediately talked about Milton's book "The End of the World" and asked him if he was willing to reveal the ending. Milton obliged him and predicted the world was going to end at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Peter inquired if he meant in the current year. Milton confirmed. Peter joked that was cutting it a little bit close. He clarified he meant just from a sales point of view and he was not going to see any paperback sales for at least a year and it would be at least another year he got a mini-series or movie-of-the-week deal. Peter played Devil's Advocate and proposed 1992 instead. Milton told him to wait. Peter settled on 1994 as a better choice. Milton exclaimed and stated the book was not a money-making scheme and he had a strong psychic belief that the world would end on New Year's Eve. Milton pressed his finger to his forehead and began to look visibly shaken. He exhaled and adjusted his coat. Peter's jovial tone shifted back to serious and hoped he was right for his own sake but revealed his other guest Elaine had another date in mind.

Elaine stated according to her source, the end of the world would be on February 14, 2016. Peter was bummed that was Valentine's Day. He asked her where she got her date from. Elaine stated she received her information from an alien. She recounted what she told her husband. She had a drink at the bar, alone, in the Paramus Holiday Inn and an alien approached her. The alien started talking to her and bought her a drink. She speculated the alien used some kind of a ray or a mind control device on her then forced her to follow him to his room. Peter stared directly into the camera. Elaine revealed the alien then told her about the end of the world. Peter pursed his lower lip and asked if the alien had a room at the Paramus Holiday Inn. She speculated it could have been a room on the spacecraft made up to look like a room at the Holiday Inn. She was not sure. Peter stood up and walked forward to wrap up the episode. He pointed out the whole problem with aliens was you just could not trust them. He did admit there was occasionally a nice one like Starman and E.T. but usually they turned out to be some kind of big lizard. The World of the Psychic tune started playing. He ended telling viewers that was all the time they had for this week on World of the Psychic then teased next week's episode. He asked for Ira. A crewman handed Peter a bald hairless cat. It meowed. Peter turned his hand around to show the back of the cat, too. He promoted the weird topic of hairless pets. Peter handed the cat back. It meowed. Peter pretended to send a psychic message to the audience then laughed. He turned around and shook Milton's hand.

After the episode wrapped up, Peter and Norman, a producer, were talking in the production office. He was not pleased with the two guests and asked what happened to the telekinetic man who bent spoons. Norman informed Peter the telekinetic canceled and they were the best they could do on such short notice. Norman reiterated no respected psychic would come on the show because they thought Peter was a fraud. Peter stated he was a fraud. Mayor Lenny passed through with his aides and police escorts. Peter called out and attempted to approach Lenny but was stopped by Jack Hardemeyer. The Mayor and his entourage continued on. Jack asked how he could help him. Peter replied he could get his hand off him then explained he was an old friend of the mayor's and he wanted to say hello and give him a kiss. Jack introduced himself, revealed his position as the mayor's assistant. He knew who Peter was and joked he did not see any ghosts anywhere. Jack pretended to look around for ghosts. Peter smirked. Peter explained the Ghostbusters performed a "little job" for the city a while back and got stiffed on the bill by some bureaucratic bookworm like him. Jack's demeanor changed to a serious one. A police officer stopped to check them out. Jack warned him to stay away from the mayor. He revealed Mayor Lenny was running for governor next fall and the last thing the team needed was for him to be associated with two-bit frauds and publicity hounds like the former Ghostbusters. Jack walked away and left Peter dumbfounded. He added he was a voter and thought that meant he was supposed to lie to him and kiss his butt.

Primary Canon (Expanded Universe) History

A blonde woman played her accordion and sang. Peter Venkman clapped, followed by the audience. Peter asked the blonde, Phoebe, if it was true she could not play the accordion at all before her alien encounter. Phoebe confirmed the day after, she discovered she could virtually play any instrument. Peter speculated Mozart or Jimmy Buffet might have had a similar encounter. Phoebe found that awesome. Peter agreed it was neat to talk about. A fan in the audience held a hairless cat. Peter shifted to his other two guests who claimed their encounters were sexual in nature. The two other guests exchanged looks. Peter spoke to Elaine and highlighted the fact that her alien looked completely human. Elaine told her story of show she was having a drink at the bar of the Paramus Holiday Inn when the alien approached her and talked to her then used some sort of mind-control device or a ray to force her to follow him to his room. Peter stood from his desk and put his right shoe on her chair's arm rest and asked her if the alien had a room at the Holiday Inn. She admitted it might have been a room in the spacecraft made to look like a room at the Holiday Inn. Peter agreed and thought that, too. He walked up to his audience and highlighted the issue with aliens was they were untrustworthy except for some cases like Starman and E.T. but they usually ended up to be a lizard. He told the fan the cat was cute and asked if it was a boy or girl. The fan answered it was a boy and held it up. Peter found that gross and told him to put the cat down. He recalled he owned a bald collie once. Peter liked idea of doing a show about bald animals. The enthusiastic audience clapped. Peter walked behind the guests and addressed the woman in the middle, Sarah, and went down on his knees. He stated her alien never left its spacecraft. Sarah clarified the spacecraft landed on top of head and was the size of a dinner plate. Peter asked the cameraman for a shot of the top of her head. She bent down for the shot. He asked her if she ever shaved the spot.


  • In the August 5, 1988 draft, on page 6, The World of the Psychic is filmed at the Manhattan Cable Building.[2]
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft:
    • On page 8, the show is now based at the WOR-TV station.
    • On page 14, Peter meets with the station manager David Herman and learns The World of the Psychic is canceled. Herman states the show stinks and nobody watches it. Peter contends the show is just starting to gel, he's been getting mail, and the show has a large cult following. Herman is not swayed. Peter makes a dramatic exit.
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft, the show is now based in the WKRR-TV studio.
    • On page 8, the scene opens in the reception area and pushes into a monitor.
  • In the February 27, 1989 draft, Mayor Lenny was coming off an interview on a show called "Cityline".
  • The World of the Psychic set was next to the set of Ray's Occult Books on Stage 15 in Burbank Studios in Los Angeles.[3]
  • At 10:51 mark, when Peter walks into the WKRR backstage, there are lobby cards for "Nakia," "Top Cat," and "The World of the Psychic."
  • In Chapter 12: Two in the Box, when Peter, Ray, and Egon emerge from the courtroom and declare they're back, the female reporter holds up her microphone to them. The microphone logo indicates she is from WKRR.


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