"I love the Red Sox!"

- Egon Spengler; Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #6

The Wall-Trap[1] is a voice-activated Trap.[2]


The Wall-Trap is an idea thought of by Ray Stantz.[3] A modified Super Slammer Muon Trap was placed behind a panel above the kitchen sink on the second floor of the Firehouse. When activated by the verbal pass code "I love the Red Sox!", the panel slides open and the Wall-Trap activates. Trapped ghosts are instantly transferred into the Containment Unit down in the basement.

During a summer, while Egon Spengler and Roger Baugh were trying to revive Janine Melnitz, their attempts caught the attention of three Draugar who were part of a group planning to offer her soul to Hel. They found Egon's threat amusing but he activated the Wall-Trap and captured two Draugar. The last refused to back down and showed Egon and Roger what happened to Janine. Once the three were all restored to normal, the remaining nine Draugar appeared and swore they would have their revenge. Egon simply activated the Wall-Trap again. Egon went to check the Containment Unit to see if the larger than usual load of ghosts were all properly deposited.

Kylie Griffin sacrificed the Wall-Trap to distract the Cerberus Manifestation while some of the Ghostbusters retreated downstairs. Since the manifestation had P.K.E., the trap was able to pull the entity towards it. The manifestation eventually resisted its pull and tore the trap apart.


  • Peter Venkman suggested the pass code because it was less likely to be spoken accidentally.[4]
    • The pass code is a nod to the rivalry between the Major League Baseball teams, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.


IDW Comics


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