Waltz's Dining Car is a classic eatery located in New York City.


Winston Zeddemore agreed to meet again with Erik, Luis, and Dan, who were writing a book on the Ghostbusters. The meeting took place at Waltz's Dining Car. As he ate his slice of blueberry pie, he reminded them to call him "Winston" instead of "Mr. Zeddemore" then noticed Dan wasn't there. Erik and Luis went with saying he was on vacation then revealed the editor wanted Erik to research the Scoleri Brothers case. Winston recalled he wasn't in the court room when that bust went down but Erik brought up eyewitnesses noting his presence and insisted he just wanted to get the accounts straight for the fans. Winston conceded and told them his version of the events. They were disappointed that Winston simply trapped a third ghost that manifested that day. Winston thanked them for the pie and departed for another appointment. Erik fretted about making a whole story arc about it. Luis again suggested adding in a Chupacabras, to Erik's annoyance.


  • Waltz's Dining Car is visually based on Mickey's Diner in St. Paul.
    • Mickey's Diner is located in writer Erik Burnham's current state of residence, Minnesota.
    • Mickey's was featured in the 90s movies "The Mighty Ducks" and "Jingle All The Way"
    • One of the celebrities seen in Mickey's in the past was Bill Murray.
  • Waltz's Dining Car is named after IDW Comics editor Tom Waltz.
  • On Page 7 of the Ghostbusters Annual 2017:
  • On Page 7 of Ghostbusters Annual 2017, in panel 3, on the far left is a menu with several items from J.S. Burgers Cafe Promotion of the Ghostbusters (2016 Movie):
    • The GB Burger
    • Marshmallow Mad Burger
    • Black Chilli Chips
    • Green Ghost Shake
  • On Page 7 of Ghostbusters Annual 2017, the journalists are visually based on and named after Erik Burnham and Luis Antonio Delgado.
  • On Page 11 of Ghostbusters Annual 2017, in panel 1, the woman seated behind Luis is based on Anna Chher, his colorist assistant.
    • She appears again on page 14 in panel 2 left of Winston.


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