Washington Square Arch is a marble triumphal arch in Greenwich Village's Washington Square Park in Manhattan at the southern terminus of 5th Avenue.


Primary Canon

On New Years Eve 1989, the Washington Square Ghost manifested at the Washington Square Arch. Bystanders and drivers nearby ran away in the opposite direction of the arch. The ghost walked through the arch and growled at everyone.

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics

Ray Stantz oversaw one of three teams of 101 Cadets at the Washington Square Arch. He thanked them for coming on very short notice then instructed them to follow the maps and Ecto Goggles and neutralize the Ley Lines with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. Peter Venkman showed up in Ecto-1 to pick up Ray and announced to the 31 cadets they were all getting 10% coupons for their next 101 experience good till the end of the year. While Zoe Zawadzki and Evan Torres squabbled, Garrett Parker started spraying slime.

Behind the Scenes

A crew from Apogee filmed at the arch after principal photography wrapped. A call was put out by Apogee for 300 extras. At the Washington Square shoot at 5 am, about 750 people had shown up in anticipation of being on Ghostbusters II. For the second take, the number of extras increased to 1200. By the third take, there were 2000 to 3000 people. Crew set up a Vistavision camera in the middle of scene and had the extras come out from three different streets and the Washington Square Arch screaming. Some started climbing over cabs and running into the crew. Crew had to block extras from running right into the camera. [1]


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Ghostbusters II

Secondary Canon


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