The Washington Square Ghost appears during Ghostbusters II when the Ghostbusters were committed and Vigo has Oscar and Dana Barrett at the Manhattan Museum of Art.


On New Years Eve 1989, the Washington Square Ghost manifested at Victory Arch in Madison Square. Pedestrians abandoned their cars and with other bystanders ran off in the opposite direction from the giant ghost.

Behind the Scenes

Phil Tippett, a master stop-motion animator, was sought out to create the Washington Square Ghost. Luckily, Tippett was friends with Industrial Light and Magic and knew Pam Easley on the crew from "The Golden Child." Tippett agreed it as long as the ghost was only 160 frames long, it could be built based on an existing armature, and it would be done in one take. Tippett built the ghost with Randy Dutra, shot it, and delivered it one day early despite being injured in a car accident with his wife who was hospitalized. Tippett didn't want to be credited on account he was just doing one shot. The puppet was animated by Harry Walton, who also shared the camera work with Peter Kozachik. [1]


  • In the movie, the ghost appears to only have one leg but he is often portrayed with two in media.
  • The ghost now has a toy made after him by Diamond Select as part of their Minimates line.
  • In 2016, the Washington Square Ghost puppet used in the movie went up for auction. It didn't sell however.[2]


Ghostbusters II


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