The Webbed Fiends are a type of fiend from Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions).

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Type: Corporeal (dispersible)
  • Behaviors:
    • Attacks: Melee, Range, Rush
    • Weaknesses: Shock Blast[1]
    • Special: Ambusher


Outwardly humanoid in appearance, Webbed Fiends can draw upon PKE energy to alter their appearance in order to present a terrifying visage that can cause those with weaker wills to flee. As though they are trapped between worlds, Webbed Fiends quickly transition between the ghost world and the physical world. Just don't be there when they do!

Contact Protocol:

Like most other fiends, these creatures are fast and furious. Unfortunately for them, they also share the other fiends' weaknesses. Circle around them as they attack and blast them with Boson Darts to disperse them.

Manifestation Point


  • The Tobin file has a small error referring to psychokinetic energy as "PKE energy" instead of just the "PKE" or "P.K.E." acronyms.



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