The Weeping Woman in White [1] is a type of manifestation seen around the world involving a woman and misfortune.


On May 12, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, Egon Spengler, and Kylie Griffin investigated a case in Cayey, Puerto Rico. After Melanie spoke with a witness, she learned of a woman in white and a Ghost Dog. Kylie suggested La Llorona from Mexican myth but Egon suggested a Weeping Woman in White had its roots around the world like Eastern Europe. He even brought up the Weeping Woman in White in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany as a point of comparison and also mentioned Banshees and Lamia. Melanie didn't like the implication of cultural appropriation but Egon stated he meant that the world has many myths to explain the same type of manifestation much like the different myths surrounding the Bogeyman.

Based on Myth

The Weeping Woman in White of Eastern Europe is fairly documented. A white lady was witnessed in Smolenice, Slovakia usually in the summer. A white lady was witnessed in Plzen, Czech Republic. The most famous sighting is of the ghost of Perchta of Rožmberk (1429-1476) at Rožmberk Castle. She lived in an unhappy marriage to a nobleman and refused to forgive him for his mistreatment so he cursed her. She is said to haunt his holdings. A White Lady was first reported to be seen in the Berliner Schloss (Berlin City Palace) in Germany between 1625 to 1790. One legend tells of a White Lady who was a prince's wife in the town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück, North Rhein Westfalia. She took another lover when the prince was away fighting. When he returned he killed the lover and sealed her behind a moat wall of his manor. Ben Radford's investigation into the legend of La Llorona, published in "Mysterious New Mexico," traced elements of the story back to a German folktale dating from 1486.


IDW Comics


  1. Egon Spengler (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #6" (2016) (Comic p.9). Egon Spengler says: "Well, La Llorona is just one interpretation of a very old kind of spirit...a Weeping Woman in White also regularly haunts Eastern Europe... Slovakia, the Czech Republic, even so far west as Germany."


Behind the Scenes

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