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Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick Level is the first level in the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions).

Equipment Tips

This being the first stage, all that really is needed is the standard Proton Pack.


From an office in the Natural History Museum, a security guard watched a Ghostbusters commercial featuring Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Egon Spengler. It is the year 1991. Suddenly, a surge causes the television feeds to short out. The guard hails another guard named Russell over the walkie-talkies. Russell happened to be in the East Wing near the new Gozer exhibit. Russell took a look around but was getting scared. A woman dashed past Russell. Before he could chase after her and reprimand her for prowling after hours, a pulse enveloped the room. A pulse of energy passed out of the museum and spread across New York City.

You're Hired

You begin in the Ghostbusters' Firehouse on the Rookie's first day. At the Firehouse, Janine Melnitz turned down a caller who wanted to summon dead family members then have the Ghostbusters catch them and ask the combination to the safe. The caller had choice words for Janine and hung up. Slimer played with ESP cards in the Paranormal Containment Research Tank nearby. Upstairs on the second floor lab, the Rookie arrived just as Egon outfitted Ray with a modified Proton Pack and set it to 50% to minimize any burning or tissue damage. Peter suggested Rookie test out the pack since Ray's name was on the mortgage. The Psi Energy Pulse from the museum passed through the Firehouse, which ended up providing Slimer an opportunity to escape from his storage tank. Go downstairs and follow Ray to the basement. They find Slimer inspecting the viewer on the Containment Unit. At Ray's behest, Rookie should open fire. Upon firing, the Rookie accidentally shoots the Containment Unit and lets out the Sloth Ghost. Egon goes to work on securing the grid while Rookie and Ray went after Slimer down into the Sub-Basement.

Ray will instruct Rookie on how to use the Proton Pack. This level is basically an introduction to capturing ghosts, so it should hardly be a challenge. Engage Slimer with Proton Streams but be sure to keep moving or he will slime Rookie. Once about half of his P.K.E. is dispersed, Slimer will leave the Firehouse. The Sloth Ghost emerges from a nook. He has only two attacks to watch out for. When Sloth Ghost moves his head back, run from his line of sight or Rookie will be hit with projectile vomit. Sloth Ghost will also charge after rising up. Jump to the left or right to dodge him. Keep blasting him. Once his P.K.E. level goes into the red, switch to Capture Stream and wrangle him. Throw out a Trap and finish recapturing the Sloth Ghost.

The Ghostbusters regrouped on the main floor near the foot lockers. Peter wondered why Rookie got to use all the new stuff and was less pleased to know he got a cool title, too: "Experimental Equipment Technician." Ray pointed out the "new stuff" was a bunch of untested, extremely dangerous hardware that if not handled correctly could blow its operator somewhere into New Jersey. Peter backed off. Ray theorized Slimer went back to the Sedgewick Hotel, back to its initial manifestation point. As the Ghostbusters loaded into Ecto-1b, Peter asked Janine to send Winston Zeddemore to the Sedgewick once he returned from a night at the opera.

Extended Service Agreement

The Ghostbusters arrive at the hotel. The manager, John O'Keefe, is angered by the fact that Slimer has returned again, and demanded a refund. Peter implored him to check the fine print on their invoice. Ray reminded Peter there were many invoices. Peter continued and stated the warranty on re-haunting expired some time ago. He should've taken the extended service agreement. O'Keefe shook his head. Egon noticed that the paranormal disturbances were not exclusive to the 12th Floor and he wanted to look around. Head to the elevators with Peter and Ray. Rookie, Peter and Ray were heading up to the 12th Floor. The woman from the museum emerged from the elevator. Peter tried to flirt with her but she rejected him and left the hotel. Peter was undaunted.

On the ride up, Ray explained to Rookie how the Ghostbusters were required to keep Proton Packs off in heavily populated public areas and in close quarters as part of their settlement with the city. It was in part to minimize the city's liabilities and satisfy the restraining order a maid at the Sedgewick had put on them.


Upon arriving at the 12th Floor, and Peter mistaking a bellhop guy as a ghost, the trio finds Slimer eating food off a service cart, just as he had been found when the Ghostbusters first found him. The Rookie blasts him but he runs off. Peter goes back to the elevators leaving Ray and the Rookie to track down Slimer.

Slime Trail

Ray teaches you how to use the P.K.E Meter and you must now track down Slimer. Keep going down the hall then go right from the end. Look for a tall vase. Once the P.K.E. Meter's center circle turns bright green, scan the vase. Slimer will emerge and dashes down the hall. At the intersecting hallway, go right and scan near the ice and vending machines. Rookie will find the first Cursed Artifact of the game, Gustav's Self-Service Tray. After chasing Slimer through the halls, Peter yells for help over the radio. Bust through the doors on the right before the next hallway. Ray rushes in to help him, and finds Peter has been slimed once again by the little green ghost. Egon tells Ray he needs them back in the lobby because of more ghosts. Ray is confused, noting that they had given the hotel a clean bill of health in 1986. But Egon reminded the team that "new people die every day", indicating that they shouldn't be entirely surprised by the appearance of the new ghosts.

Rough Descent

The Ghostbusters head back downstairs with the elevator, but end up getting stuck in the elevator until Egon frees them.

Bad Service

You are now back in the lobby. Scan near the reception disk to find the Summoner Bell. The Ghostbusters must capture more than Slimer now, two Bellhop Ghosts. Just zap 'em, slam 'em and trap 'em like you did with the Sloth Ghost. After trapping two, focus on Slimer. Slimer will then run into the Alhambra Ballroom. The others will flee, too. Ray and Egon went upstairs after the Bellhop Ghosts while Rookie and Peter went after Slimer. O'Keefe wouldn't them in because of the Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah, set to start in half an hour. Peter heads to the kitchen to take a shortcut.

Air in the Lines

Inside the kitchen, you and Peter find that it is abuzz with paranormal entities. They search for the entrance to the Alhambra Ballroom. Go right from the entrance and head further into the kitchen. Avoid the Black Slime and go left into a room. Go through the double doors. Pappy Sargassi appears and sends Dead Fish Fliers after Rookie and Peter. Simply blast them, they will disperse. Switch to Capture Stream and wrangle the steel refrigerator blocking the way. Make a right and follow the P.K.E. Meter toward the Generator Room. Just before the door is a Stay Puft Figure. Double back and turn left from the spot where the refrigerator was wrangled away then exit the kitchen, and enter the ballroom where Slimer awaits.

Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah

Slimer is found eating the food off the buffet table. Rookie and Peter proceed to attack the spud. If Slimer hides, get out the P.K.E. Meter and scan around to force him out of hiding. After a short skirmish, the little green spud is back in a trap once again. Look around the bar where Slimer was in the far right corner. Blast the right side of the wall behind the bar and Rookie will discover a secret passage containing the Voyaging Case International. O'Keefe walked in and freaked out at all the damage. The Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah was scheduled to start in 15 minutes.

The Bellhops Are Restless

Peter and the Rookie have captured Slimer and have to help the others face the Bellhops in the lobby again. Blast them, dodge their projectiles, and trap them. The Bellhop Ghosts are captured, and after a brief discussion about payment with the manager, the fisherman ghost named Pappy Sargassi appears. Rookie and Egon follow him upstairs. However, Sargassi collapses the stairwell with his fishing line, leaving Rookie to track down the ghost by himself.

Charge of the Light Brigade

Just by the gap, scan the wall to find the Portrait of G. Sedgewick. Make a right into the hall and investigate. Sargassi then flooded the hallway and turned it into an "ocean" of sorts. Turn around and go back down the hall. Follow the hall until Rookie reaches an intersection and go left, left at a T-shaped intersection, and then right. Shoot the debris and keep going down the hall. Rookie will find the Toaster of Sights Unseen.

Head back to the main hallway and track Sargassi with the P.K.E. Meter. From the stairs, go right, then left, and head down the hall. Turn right and walk toward the room with the elevators. Scan the candelstick holder. It animates and attacks Rookie. Shoot and disperse. Scan and head to the vending machines. Scan the blue vending machine and Sargassi will appear. Follow him. Rookie will encounter more Candelabrum Crawlers and eventually reach another elevator room. The doors open on their own and drains all the water down the elevator shaft. The Rookie should go right and enter Sargassi's Restaurant.

Sargassi's by the Sea

Rookie fights Sargassi alone. Simply jump to the side to avoid most of his attacks and keep a few steps away from Sargassi's range. Keep shooting until he's worn down... then the other Ghostbusters enter and the final boss battle begins. Sargassi flies into the kitchen.

And the Kitchen Sink, Too

Sargassi animates a Kitchen Golem to attack the Ghostbusters. Keep running around the room, away from the Golem, and keep shooting. After they dispose of it, Sargassi comes out to finish the fight. Wrangle him with the Capture Stream. The fisherman is then trapped. At this point, the Ghostbusters hear from the other member of their group, Winston Zeddemore. Winston explains that he was trying to get to the Sedgewick for over four hours, since traffic was backed up. Hearing thuds and roaring from outside, the Ghostbusters soon realize that a familiar face has returned to their world: Gozer the Gozerian, in the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Version Differences

In the Stylized version of the level, game play starts in the Sedgewick. There is no game play in the Firehouse. Pappy Sargassi is replaced by Chef Sargossa as the boss. The Realistic Version of the ghost, Chef DeForrest doesn't appear until the fifth level, Return to the Sedgewick Level (realistic version).


  • The two security guards in the opening cutscene were based on senior character artists, Ian McIntosh and Jesse Sosa.[1][2][3] Originally, the guards were going to be based on present-day Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis but the constraints of the production deadline led to Sosa and McIntosh's inclusion.[4]
  • "Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick" was the focal point of pre-production. The team believed if they could successfully re-create the ballroom scene, they would have the players' trust for the rest of the game.[5]
  • According to producer John Melchior, Bill Murray ad libbed the Rodriguez bar mitzvah line.[6]
  • The line about Winston being at the opera was part of a back up plan in case Bill Murray didn't record his lines. If he didn't, Peter would have been at the opera and Winston would have went to the Sedgewick with the others.[7]
  • There are several nods to the first movie:
    • John O'Keefe eventually relents and lets the Ghostbusters finish up their work in the Sedgewick, but asks them to be discreet, just as the Hotel manager from the first film asked of them.
    • When the level starts, if you don't follow the team, the patrons in the hotel will say some familiar lines if you walk up to them. To the left, there are two people sitting in the waiting area. The man will first ask you if "you are some sort of exterminator." If you keep walking up to him, he'll then ask if "you are some sort of cosmonaut."
    • There is a similar elevator scene. Ray says that the maid put a restraining order on the team. As part of a settlement with the city, the Proton Packs must remain off in heavily populated public areas and in close quarters, which also satisfies the restraining order.
    • As soon as they step off the elevator, a bellboy nearly gets shot.
    • Peter declines to search for Slimer upstairs in the halls and remarks he's been there before. He stills ends up getting slimed and is found on his back.
    • Rookie firing at Slimer and missing is similar to Ray's first encounter.
    • Rookie can hear a snippet of the original commercial play at room 1204.
    • Egon calls Ray back down to the lobby.
    • John O'Keefe refuses to let them into the Alhambra Ballroom, cognizant of what happened before, and there is a party about to start in the ballroom.
    • Slimer is recaptured in the Alhambra Ballroom.
  • If the player scans the door to the room 1221, a small, pink spider will appear above the door handle. This is an obvious reference to the Spider Witch, who seduced and murdered men there.
    • However, the door to the room will be on the right side of the corridor, in contrast to its location in Return to the Sedgewick Level, in which it is further down to the left.


Ray: Are you troubled by strange noises in the night?

Egon: Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?
Peter: Have you or your family actually seen a spook, specter or ghost?
Ray: If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute.
Peter: Just pick up the phone and call the professionals.
Egon: Call the...
All: Ghostbusters!
Egon: Serving all your supernatural elimination needs twenty-four hours a day. *
All: Ghostbusters! *
All: We're ready to believe you!
Peter: Franchises available soon. Call for details.
(from the opening cinematic of the PlayStation 2 version, lines with asterisks are not in the realistic version)

Janine: [on the phone] Ghostbusters. Is your haunting an apparition, poltergeist, phantasm, wraith, banshee, demon, specter, tortured soul or... What? No, we do not summon dead family members then catch them so you can ask the combination to the safe... Yeah, well, same to you, pal.
Peter: Hey. If you're gonna burn any tissue, do it to the new guy. You can't use Ray. Our mortgage is in his name.
Peter: Hey, how come this mump gets all the new stuff?

Egon: He's our new experimental equipment technician.
Peter: He gets a cool title too?

Ray: Let's just say we're about to get real busy.

Peter: And that is not the fun kind of getting busy. Is it, Ray?

Janine: Hello. Ghostbusters.
Janine: Ghostbusters, what do you want?!
Peter: Nothing to worry about, folks. There's absolutely no need to panic. We are highly paid, trained professionals. [to the team] Alright, stand behind me. Try to look highly trained.
Peter: Well, hello. You're perfectly safe now, Miss. The Ghostbusters are here.

Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn: Back off loser. Never gonna happen.

Ray: Alright, Ace. Get ready.
[they find Slimer in the hotel but he gets away]

Ray: Come on, let's go! Peter!
Peter: Nah. I've seen this one already, know how it ends. You two have fun now. I'll cover the elevators and escort...any ladies...safely to their rooms.

Ray: Alright, dig it.
Peter: Alright, trap's in. You're almost there.
Peter: Yeah! Perfect! See? That's a big wow.
Peter: What seems to be YOUR problem? Thanks to me and my new exclusively assigned recruit here, the festivities can now proceed in an entirely ghost-free environment. So you're welcome. Eh? And to all the Rodriguezes: La'Chaim from the Ghostbusters!
Ray: Now give us a hand. We've got a couple of really persistant, troublesome spirits here.
Ray: Nice going! You might really be the right person for this job.

Peter: Yes, you have destroyed a significant section of a five-star New York hotel...and just under three hours. Your mother and I are so proud.

Egon: Winston, what do you see out there?

Winston: [on the walkie talkie] It's big, it's soft, it's white, and it goes well with graham crackers and melted chocolate.


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