The Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick Level is the first level in the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Versions).

Equipment TipsEdit

This being the first stage, all that really is needed is the standard Proton Pack.

P.K.E. Meter: Useful for searching around for Slimer.


On the Job TrainingEdit

A security guard at the Natural History Museum watches a Ghostbusters commercial but suddenly something zooms on one of the camera feeds and then all the feeds go to static. The guard radios another guard named Russell. He's on patrol in the east wing near the Gozer exhibit. The guard recalls how Ivo Shandor, who donated most of the items for the exhibit, was into the occult. Russell stumbles onto the Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit and is startled. A woman with books bolts past Russell. Something closes in on Russell. Russell holds his hand out as he is engulfed in a bright flash.

The Rookie starts in the garage bay of the Firehouse. Janine Melnitz answers a call and assures the person the Ghostbusters do not summon dead family members then catch them so their clients can ask the combination to the safe. Janine turns to the Rookie and warns against eating things from the refrigerator. Go up the stairs to the laboratory on the second floor and go to the Ghostbusters. Egon Spengler was about to start an experiment using Ray Stantz but Peter Venkman reminded them Ray's name was on the mortgage. He suggests using the new kid but gets annoyed the Rookie gets the new equipment and a cool title, "Experimental Equipment Technician." Egon reiterates the Rookie gets to use untested, extremely dangerous hardware. Suddenly, a Psi Energy Pulse passed through the Firehouse. Things were about to get real busy. The Ghostbusters and Janine filed out of the lab. Go back downstairs to Janine's desk.

Slimer has escaped from the Paranormal Containment Research Tank. He waives goodbye and leaves the Firehouse. Ray believes Slimer is heading back to the Sedgewick Hotel. Rookie has to go to Ecto-1. The Ghostbusters arrive at the Sedgewick Hotel and are greeted by the Hotel manager in the lobby. He was furious and revealed Slimer was back up on the 12th floor. The manager demanded a full refund but Peter and Ray pointed out the fine print on the invoices. The manager was speechless. The Ghostbusters proceeded to recapture Slimer but Egon picked up other P.K.E. readings and split off to get more data. Rookie should follow Peter and Ray to the elevator.

The woman from the museum exited the elevator and brushed off Peter's advances. As she hailed a taxi cab to Times Square, Peter, Ray, and Rookie boarded the elevator and headed up to the 12th floor. Once on the 12th, go left and follow the guys down the hall. Stop at the intersecting hallway and look to the right. It's Slimer eating leftovers from a room service tray. Sneak up and open fire on Slimer. Slimer got away and went through a wall at the far end of the hall. Peter realized a similarity to a previous busts and opted to stay behind. Ray and Rookie head down the hall. Go all the way down and go right at the corner. Follow Ray and he will give you a tutorial on how to use the P.K.E. Meter. Use this to track Slimer through the different rooms. From the Ectoplasmic Residue, turn left and go through the doors into a hallway. At the end, go right. Rookie is going in the right direction as long as the P.K.E. Meter is continuously in the red. Go into the room at the right and slowly walk to the bathroom. Slimer will dash out from the bathroom and slimes the Rookie. Shake off the Ectoplasm and continue using the P.K.E. Meter. Exit through the back door and follow the meter to a pool of slime on the ground. Go right through the next door. The room should be empty and there should be a big cupboard blocking the entry to the next room. Switch back over to the Proton Pack and destroy the cupboard with the Blast Stream. Head into the next room then go left into a larger room. Slimer will hide in a table. Blast the table then chase after Slimer into the next hall then go left.

Halfway down the hall, Ray and Rookie will get a call from Peter. He has been slimed (again). Run down the hall and go right to find Peter. Help him out and once Peter rants about getting slimed, they will get a call from Egon. Go back downstairs. Slimer will sneak attack them in the elevator. Regroup with Egon then head to the lobby. Now, scan Slimer and the Sou Chef Ghosts using the P.K.E. Meter. Then start blasting them. You won't be able to capture them, as they will quickly run off. Slimer will go into the ballroom. Egon and Ray go after the Sou Chef Ghosts while Peter and the Rookie go after Slimer. Follow Peter to the Alhambra Ballroom. The Hotel Manager won't let them in because of past busts and the fact the Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah was scheduled to begin in half an hour. Peter lets it go and prompts the Rookie to follow him across the lobby to the kitchen entrance on the left.

Slimer's MitzvahEdit

It turns out there is another way to the Alhambra Ballroom through the main kitchen. Scan the kitchen with the P.K.E. Meter. Kitchen Wisps will come at Rookie and Peter. The Blast Stream will dispose of them quickly. Go around the cooking stations and blast the table blocking entrance to the hall. Head into the hall, go right then proceed to the ballroom. Once Peter and Rookie enter the ballroom, Slimer will come out and eat food. Open fire with the Blast Stream and keep up on him to whittle away his P.K.E., and then switch to Capture Stream. Slam him around several times to stun him. Now throw out a trap and recapture Slimer. The Hotel Manager walks in and is aghast at all the damage done. Peter and Rookie exit the ballroom and meet up with Ray and Egon. The Sous Chef Ghosts have returned. Split up to capture two Sous Chef Ghosts. Focus on one while the others go after the other ghost. Use the same strategy as before, blast away his P.K.E. then slam him and trap him. Once the ghosts are finished with, Chef Sargossa will show himself. He tosses several butcher knives at Ray and nails the floor near his feet. Sargossa sped off. Go with Egon up the stairs to the right of the elevators. Halfway up, Sargossa reappears and demolishes the stairs. Rookie is forced to proceed alone.

And the Kitchen Sink, TooEdit

Rookie starts off in a hallway. Go down the hall and go right. Go right at the corner and proceed carefully. The Sous Chef Ghost will appear as well several psychokinetically charged objects. Avoid or blast the Animated Objects. Follow the Sous Chef Ghost through the halls and take a couple shots along the way until Rookie reaches a small room. Use the Capture Stream to move the slimed objects out of the way. Enter the bar. The ghost will show himself. Capture him like before with the others in the lobby.

Afterwards, the other Ghostbusters will arrive. Go into the kitchen. Throw the cake into the oven with the Capture Stream and Chef Sargossa will appear. Just keep blasting him and avoid the Kitchen Wisps. Destroy the Kitchen Wisps to get Sargossa to appear back in the kitchen. Once his P.K.E. is down, capture and slam him then deploy a trap and capture the ghost. Winston Zeddemore radios the Ghostbusters. He's been stuck in traffic for over four hours. He has news about something outside the hotel that sounds all too familiar.

Entities Encountered/StrategiesEdit

  • Sous Chef Ghosts
    • Throw the Blast Stream at them and they'll be weakened very quickly. They take three slams to be captured.
  • Kitchen Wisps
    • Very easy. One shot from the Proton Pack will take care of them.
  • Slimer
    • This is a mini-boss fight. Just blast him like any other ghost. Takes three slams to be captured.
  • Chef Sargossa
    • He will throw knives and summon Kitchen Wisps to attack you. He will also hide in the oven after taking some damage. Takes five slams to be captured.


  • Paranormal Investigators (Peter, Ray, Egon)
    • Note: you can scan them any other time in the game, this is just the earliest possible time.
  • Kitchen Wisps
    • In the kitchen
  • Ectoplasmic Debilitation
    • After returning to the lobby, scan another Ghostbuster after he's slimed
  • Slimer
    • Upon returning to lobby
  • Sous Chef Ghosts
    • Upon returning to lobby
  • Psychokinetic Door Manipulation
    • Ballroom exit, before capturing Slimer
  • Animated Objects
    • In the main hallway while chasing after the Sous Chef Ghost.
  • Ectoplasmic Material Bonding
    • Outside the bar, the objects slimed by Sous Chef Ghost
  • Possessed Objects
    • In the bar
  • Phantom Craftwork
    • In center of bar kitchen
  • Chef Sargossa
    • In the bar kitchen.

Art PagesEdit

  • Animated Objects
    • 12th Floor hallway, just after forcing Slimer out of the table.
  • Kitchen Wisps
    • Inside a table blocking the kitchen exit.
  • Slimer
    • In the ballroom, in object to left of exit.
  • Psychokinetic Door Manipulation
    • In the ballroom, far right corner.
  • Sous Chef Ghost
    • Behind the front desk in the lobby.
  • Possessed Objects
    • In main hall in an alcove to the right as you head to the bar after the Sous
  • Ectoplasmic Debilitation
    • In the vending machine right before the room you fight the Sous Chef Ghost in.
  • Ectoplasmic Material Bonding
    • Hidden in large machine in left corner of the bar.
  • Phantom Craftwork
    • In the bar kitchen where you fight Sargossa in. Inside a shelf in the corner next to oven.
  • Chef Sargossa
    • In the kitchen you fight him in. Inside a shelf left of the oven.

Version DifferencesEdit

  • The Hotel Manager in the level resembles the manager from the Ghostbusters movie, while in the Realistic version he is clearly a different man: John O'Keefe.
  • Chef Sargossa destroys the staircase. In the Realistic Version, Pappy Sargassi does.
  • Chef Sargossa/Deforrest is fought as the ending boss battle for the level instead of Pappy Sargassi. In the Realistic Version, Sargossa/Deforrest is not seen until you return to the hotel later on. You fight him in the kitchen with his Cook Ghosts.


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