"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Werecat Ghost is an aggressive entity with feline features.


Shortly after an encounter with the Sandman, the Ghostbusters got a call from the United Nations Building. They battled the Werecat Ghost in an assembly room. During the bust, the room was suddenly filled with Ghost Priests screaming "No!" The Werecat Ghost attempted to flee but Ray Stantz fired at it. It spit acidic Ectoplasm on Egon Spengler and injured his left leg. Winston Zeddemore joined Ray and wrangled the ghost. Peter Venkman threw out a Trap and captured it. A $15,000 surcharge was added to the invoice to cover Egon's injury.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The ghost has a unique ability to excrete a chemically volatile form of Ectoplasm. When in contact with corporeal forms, the Ectoplasm burns through like acid.


The ghost is a Class 6. [1] It is later described as a Full Torso Vaporous Apparition. [2]



IDW Comics


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