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Wertheimer's Hardware[1] is a hardware store in Summerville.


While he lived in Summerville, Egon Spengler was a frequent customer of Wertheimer's Hardware. In summer 2021, Callie went to Wertheimer's Hardware to gather supplies.[2] The owner inquired if she was doing some painting. She confirmed it. He asked where she was staying. She told him she was at the Farmhouse and it used to be her father's. She grabbed two roller brushes. He was surprised the "Dirt Farmer" had a family. Callie started to understand everyone in town called Egon that. He clarified he meant nothing by it and explained the name originated from the fact he spent every week working a piece of land but never seeded it, never watered it, and never grew anything. He found it curious behavior but reckoned he was a great customer because he bought some bizarre stuff. Callie mused that sounded like him. Three days later, the owner looked up from his chair when another earthquake hit the town but he was indifferent. However, when the earthquake got stronger, he stood up and tried to stop wrenches and binders from dropping to the floor.

Behind The Scenes

On July 26, 2019 filming was done inside the Wills Place Cafe looking out to the street then inside the Howes Bros Hardware Store. [3][4]


  • The hardware store is named after Jason Reitman's lawyer, Alan Wertheimer.[Note 1]
  • The hardware store interiors were filmed at Howe's Brothers Lumber and Building store at 818 Railway Street in Crossfield.
  • The hardware store exteriors were filmed at 30 3 Ave W in Drumheller.
  • Podcast thinks Wertheimer's Hardware is run by by the Illuminati and Lizard people.
  • There is a deleted scene of the Mini-Pufts in Wertheimer's Hardware. At one point, they were going to shoot a nail gun.[5][6][Note 2]



  1. According to Eric Reich of Ghost Corps in a private email correspondence on January 6, 2022 with administrator mrmichaelt, it was revealed Wertherimer's Hardware was named after Jason Reitman's lawyer.
  2. According to a private email correspondence between Eric Reich, of GhostCorps, and Ghostbusters Wiki administrator Mrmichaelt, on January 6, 2022, "that scene is in the hardware store with the Mini Pufts, it was also cut, at one point they were going to shoot a nail gun."


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