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Wertheimer's Hardware Owner is the owner and operator of Wertheimer's Hardware in Summerville.


In summer 2021, Callie went to Wertheimer's Hardware to gather supplies. The owner inquired if she was doing some painting. She confirmed it. He asked where she was staying. She told him she was at the Farmhouse and it used to be her father's. She grabbed two roller brushes. He was surprised the "Dirt Farmer" had a family. Callie started to understand everyone in town called Egon that. He clarified he meant nothing by it and explained the name originated from the fact he spent every week working a piece of land but never seeded it, never watered it, and never grew anything. He found it curious behavior but reckoned he was a great customer because he bought some bizarre stuff. Callie mused that sounded like him. Three days later, during the next earthquake, the owner was reading then he looked up but he was indifferent to it. He eventually stood up and used his hands to block some wrenches and binders from falling to to the floor.


  • In the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, there was a deleted scene of the owner carefully walking down an aisle with a shovel that does not appear in the movie.
  • The original actor cast as the owner had a scheduling conflict and had to be replaced. Tracy Letts, who is Carrie Coon's husband, was in Canada with her along with their son Haskell and got the job.[1]



  1. The Hollywood Reporter "Carrie Coon on ‘The Nest,’ Unanswered ‘The Leftovers’ Questions and Surreal ‘Ghostbusters’ Casting" 9/16/2020 Carrie Coon says: "The reason he's in Ghostbusters is because he happened to be in Canada with me and [our son] Haskell when they lost an actor due to a conflict, and so they just asked if he was around. So it worked out really well."


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