Wishes Made Manifest are wishes of Slimer as granted by Twinkie.


While Slimer slept, Twinkie fell asleep on him and began granting his dreams and making them a reality. Slimer's first dream involved animated food. Twinkie then animated all of the food in the Ghostbusters' refrigerator. They mistook Louis Tully for their intended 'client' and tried to force feed him. Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz intervened but the trio soon encountered Slimer's next wish, a new toy. Twinkie zapped the refrigerator and it turned into a Transmorgrifier.[2] It implored the guys to play with them and gave them Proton Packs that only shot water. They bailed the packs and ran past the food.

As the guys ascended the stairs up to Slimer, his third wish was granted - Christmas. It snowed outside, the hallway was decorated with a Christmas Tree and presents, a choir sang, and Santa Claus awaited their desire.[3] Egon tricked Santa and wished for him to go away. Santa wearily complied and vanished. Before Twinkie could grant another wish, the Twinkie's Witch took it away from Slimer.



The Real Ghostbusters


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