Wolf Van Shandor is a world famous artist and a relative of Ivo Shandor.


Little is known about Wolf Van Shandor's background and is still subject to speculation in the present day. Van Shandor's artwork survived and they were of unique mythological creatures. It seems the Shandor bloodline was always interested in the world of the supernatural.

During Thanksgiving weekend 1991, when Ilyssa Selwyn was the supervisor and guest curator in charge of the "World of Gozer" exhibit in the Museum of Natural History, there was also a "Mythical Art Exhibit" present at the New York City Public Library. This exhibit displayed art samples of Wolf Van Shandor. In the library foyer just up the stairs, there is also an area that previews Van Shandor's art.


  • The "Van" in his name suggests a Dutch family background.
  • It is possible these mythic creatures could be inter-dimensional races conquered by Gozer.
  • It is not revealed how the library procured Van Shandor's artwork but it is likely they were donated by Ivo Shandor decades ago or provided by the Shandor Foundation, an organization that awarded Ilyssa with a college scholarship in 1976.
  • Wolf Van Shandor's art samples are actually recycled rejected designs for the Sloar [1]
  • In Ghostbusters International #2, on page 11 panel 3, the blue and white sign advertises Wolf Van Shandor's artwork.


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