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Woodchuck[2] was a fictional television character from "Leave It To Woodchuck," an old Black & White series.[3]


During a three week paranormal drought, the Ghostbusters watched "Leave it to Woodchuck" on a television Janine dug out of storage and the character sprang from the television and hilariously transformed into a giant woodchuck ghost. The Ghostbusters were able to trap him after slamming a table on his teeth. After Woodchuck was captured, it was discovered that ghosts were using television to cross over into the physical plane.


Woodchuck is a giant ghost that wears a blue hat, a pair of pants and a shirt with the initials W.C.


As a television character, Woodchuck is shown to be very timid and stutters a bit. As a ghost, Woodchuck was pretty much a mindless monster.


As a ghost, Woodchuck possessed enormous strength.



The Real Ghostbusters


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