The World Trade Center is a complex with seven buildings that featured 110 story twin towers and is located in Lower Manhattan.


The Real Ghostbusters

During the Proteus incident, there was a Class 4 disturbance at the World Trade Center. [1] The Ghostbusters and Slimer battled the One-Eyed Blue Terror ghost on one of the Twin Towers. However, during the bust, Egon Spengler was knocked over the edge by an energy blast. He lost his grip and fell to his doom but was saved by Winston Zeddemore, who was piloting the Ecto-2. He blasted the ghost and it was weakened enough to be trapped. Winston dropped Egon off on the roof and the Ghostbusters departed the center.

A pair of Imps lured the Ghostbusters to the Twin Towers project downtown. [2] After consulting with a construction worker who informed them no one called, the Ghostbusters were nearly crushed by a girder thrown down by the Imps. They ran into the service elevator but the Imps sabotaged it. The Ghostbusters melted the motor and saved themselves from certain death.

Extreme Ghostbusters

In November 1997, S.I.D.N.E.E. absorbed the Twin Towers as the Ghostbusters completed their two newest vehicles/weapons. The buildings were restored once S.I.D.N.E.E. was trapped.


  • Based on the production schedule and 1988 airdate of "The Joke's on Ray", it appears that the Twin Towers project that was visited in the episode was of 7 World Trade Center, which was completed in 1987.


The Real Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters


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