The World of the Dead was a place where the dead go in the 2016 movie.


Briefly, while Erin grabs Abby as they both were in The Divide, Rowan can be seen passing into what is assumed to be the world of the dead. Later, it was revealed that Erin and Abby wrote a book chronicling the event called "A Glimpse into the Unknown: A Journey into a Portal; Catching Sight of the Other Dimension: Discovering the Undiscoverable: A Curiosity Piqued and Peaked.".




  1. Abby Yates (2016). Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Extended Edition; Chapter 8 (2016) (Blu-Ray ts. 00:51:39-00:51:44). Sony Pictures. Abby Yates says: "The barrier stops them. It's the last line of defense betwixt the worlds of the living and the dead."