The Yakuza Ghosts are a group of ghosts who were members of the Yakuza, traditional organized crime syndicates in Japan, in life. In death, their habits haven't changed much.


When the ghosts of four American gangsters started a coyote operation smuggling souls from Purgatory to the physical plane, the Yakuza Ghosts declared they were taking over the operation. During a meeting with Fred, a representative of The Bosses, five Yakuza Ghosts reached an impasse. The meeting was interrupted by the Ghostbusters and two of the Yakuza were captured along with Fred's men. [1] [2] A week later, the Ghostbusters confronted The Bosses and prepared to capture them, as Fred also requested before they left Purgatory. Before their capture, The Bosses mentioned that the Yakuza will likely take their place, to which the Ghostbusters respond that they'll take care of them as well.


The Yakuza Ghosts have the standard abilities of a ghost; flight and intangibility.


IDW Comics


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