Yamani Studios is a Japanese movie studio famous for producing many monster movies, including ones from the 1960s starring Lizardo.


When old film reels were stored in Sound Stage 5 near drums of caustic chemicals, a complex ectoplasmic-celluloid chemical chain reaction took place. A flow of Ectoplasm seeped out into a sewer grate outside then out into nearby Tokyo Bay. Ghosts of movie monsters Nori-ra, Kani, and Lizardo manifested and terrorized the city. A boy named Kenji discovered the spill at Yamani and eventually warned the Ghostbusters of it. After vaporizing Kani, they investigated the spill and had Slimer trace the flow. Slimer found the source in the sound stage but witnessed Lizardo manifest. Lizardo soon exited the studio ranch, destroying its iconic front gate, and proceeded onto downtown Tokyo.


  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #4, in panel 4, there is a non-canon reference to Yamani Studios among the first column of billboards on the left side below the black billboard. It is the studio's signage seen in "Attack of the B-Movie Monsters."


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