Yuck[1] is the pet "dog" of The Grungy family.


Yuck is ugly and blue and doesn't really look anything like a dog. When the Grungy family moves into the Firehouse, Yuck takes up residence in one of the Ghostbusters' storage lockers. Foul Grungy later ordered Yuck to take care of the Ghostbusters. Yuck grew much larger and manhandled the guys. However, he was no match for Slimer. Slimer held up a mirror to Yuck and scared him with his own reflection.


Yuck is quite ferocious, but oddly is afraid of his own reflection.


  • Even though he lacks resemblance, Yuck is likely a parody of Santa's Little Helper, the dog owned by The Simpsons.
  • Also, Yuck's name is a parody of Buck, the dog from "Married with Children."


The Real Ghostbusters


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