Zach Woods is an actor in Ghostbusters (2016 Movie).

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  • Silicon Valley (TV Series) - Actor to 28 episodes (2014-2016)
  • Spy - Actor (2015)
  • The Office (TV Series) - Actor to 51 episodes (2010-2013)
  • The Heat - Actor (2013)
  • Terrorists - Actor (2004)


  • The Anti-Irish Fence was improvised by Zach Woods during filming. [1]
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters International #9, in panel 3, on the invoice are several references to the 2016 movie: under the address is an "Attn Zach," a nod to Zach Woods.

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  1. EMPIRE Online "Empire Podcast: Ghostbusters Spoiler Special with Paul Feig" 13:52-14:14 7/27/16 Paul Feig says: "That's pure Zach Woods. I mean he is such a genius. Such a brilliant improvisor and so every take he was coming up with different things and then just made us laugh as it's so 'back in those days' like everything was so much prejudice and weird things against the Italians and Irish in our country so it felt like a good play on this old mansion."


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