Zombieland is a motion picture movie released in theaters on October 2, 2009. It's a American zombie comedy horror film, with stars: Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus, Emma Stone as Wichita, and Abigail Breslin as Little Rock. Bill Murray also does a cameo as himself in the film. He survives the zombie apocalypse by dressing up as a zombie, but he is killed by Columbus. As he dies, Murray says his only regret is starring in Garfield.

Relation to Ghostbusters

Along with Bill Murray doing a decent length cameo, there are tons of Ghostbuster references.

  • Bill Murray wears a sweeper like a proton pack, and Tallahassee wears what looks to be a prop of a proton pack (along with a jumpsuit) in a scene where they are jokingly playing ghostbusters, also Wichita seems to be trying to sound like Janine Melnitz in the same scene.
  • Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin are watching Ghostbusters (First Movie) in Bill Murray's theater as the character Little Rock has never seen the movie, let alone know who Bill Murray is.
  • Woody Harrelson (as Tallahassee) all throughout the movie wants really bad a Twinkie which is also a main food product used by Egon Spengler in explaining the level of ectoplasmic of New York in the first Ghostbusters movie. That very scene also appears in the film.
  • Tallahassee and Wichita are shown rocking out to "Ghostbusters" the theme song.


  • The Vacuum Bill Murray uses to mimic a Proton Pack/particle thrower is a Shark EP722 Vacuum.
  • The proton pack that Woody Harrelson uses is not from the movies, but is a prop that first appeared at San Diego Comic-Con in 2008 to promote Mattel's Ghostbusters toy line. It is most noted for having the gun hose of the particle wand coming out of the crank shaft area in the upper part of the pack[1], the silvery looking back that comes in contact with the person wearing it[2], and the thrower with a very short wand[3].


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